Every Little Bottom Campaign

One of the things I like to do when hosting baby showers is the "how many diapers" game.  It's where you give the mama-to-be a plastic tote bin overflowing with diapers (best way to do it is to buy 2-3 different brands, in sizes NB and 1), and the guests have to guess how many are in it.  Closest guess wins a prize.
It's a great game because:
  • No one has to touch, smell, or taste anything funky
  • Mom-to-be gets a bunch of diapers
  • Mom-to-be gets to try out several brands to see what she likes the best.
I have to admit, getting a bunch of free diapers is probably what mama-to-be is happiest about!  Let's face it, diapers are FREAKIN' EXPENSIVE.  But did you know that there are lots of babies out there whose parents cannot afford enough diapers?  I am lucky and privileged enough that I have never had to worry about changing my son, even tossing out a barely wet diaper, but I know that there are folks out there that stretch that out more than is healthy.  That's why I've been intrigued by learning about diaper banks across the country.  When I donate food to the food pantry, I've also been known to toss in a bag of diapers, or a can of formula.  But there are actual "diaper banks" sprouting up as well.

Huggies has gone even further, by setting up an informational web site about the issue.
They are going to donate diapers to various diaper banks across the US and Canada, and encourage others to do the same.

Please, check this site out and see what you think.  Whatever your politics may be, whatever your stance on poverty, or WIC, or government assistance may be, surely you can agree that NO BABY should have to sit in a dirty diaper because their mom can't afford a decent supply.

Note: I was not contacted in any way by Huggies regarding this, I initially read about it on Rookie Moms and was moved to post about it myself.


RookieMom Heather said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I feel touched that you were so moved? Are you on twitter? I want to tweet this great post from the rooftops!

Rebecca said...

hi Heather -
I just re-tweeted your tweet about it, as a matter of fact!!
I'm rvkma on twitter.

It's such a good cause and I am so glad to see a major company like Huggies getting behind it (um, no pun intended!)


Brittany at Mommy Words said...

I am also an ambassador for this program and wanted to say thank you for this post! We should be able to get tons of diaper donations from moms like you!